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Tamil Language



The Tamil Department was formed in the year 2001, when the school started functioning at its new ground. The department started with just 21 Tamil pupils in Primary 1 and 1 Tamil teacher. Over the past years we have recruited more Tamil pupils. Now we have 129 Tamil pupils and 3 Tamil teachers in HGP.

Objectives of the department

 -To achieve 100% passes for all levels.

-To imbibe in the pupils the culture and the tradition through various programmes conducted in and out of the school environment.

-To encourage pupils to speak in Tamil and to cultivate a good reading habit through various reading programmes.

-To create an environment that will be very conducive for learning and teaching.

Our Key Programmes & Projects

1. To achieve quality results, weekly remedial classes are conducted according to the pupils

    needs. P5/P6 pupils assist us with our weekly buddy reading programme.

2. IT lessons are conducted fortnightly to introduce Tamil typing to the pupils.

3. Tamil Literary competitions are held annually for all levels during the MT fortnight


4. Language competitions are organised by cluster for all P1-6 pupils.

5. Book fairs and library activities are held periodically to cultivate good reading habit.

6. Deepavali celebrations and exhibitions are organised yearly.

Achievements at Cluster and National Competitions

National Tamil Debate 2019 - Champions

National Drama Competition 2017- 2nd runner up

National Tamil Debate 2017 - Quarter Finalists

International Tamil Debate 2016 – Finalist

International Tamil Debate 2015 – Finalist

National Tamil Debate 2015 - Quarter Finalists

N3 Cluster Champions – 2014, 2015 & 2016

NIE Drama Competition 2013 – 2nd

Raffles Drama Competition 2012- 1st

National Tamil Debate 2011 - Semi Finalists

National Tamil Debate 2009 - Semi Finalists

National Oratorical Competition 2004/2005- 2nd Place

Rangoli Competition 2004 - Third

National Tamil Drama 2003 - Champion

Debate Competition

Our students clinched top honours for the school as they were awarded the champion trophy in the National Tamil Debate Competition 2019. They demonstrated a high level of resilience and put in months of hard work in their preparation for the competition. During the competition, our students were eloquent in their delivery and were composed in facing their strong opponents. Ashwin Kumar also won the best speaker award and was selected to represent Singapore in the International Tamil Forum.


Mother Tongue Fortnight


Deepavali Celebrations