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Our Identity

School Crest


Upward arrow in gold - symbolises the school moving towards excellence through a spirit of hard work, perseverance, honesty, integrity and lifelong learning.


Shape of a water droplet - emphasises the meaning of 'Hougang'  in the Chinese language that is, 'the back of the river'. "Water" symbolises prosperity and life.


Wave in blue - denotes HGP's drive to be vibrant and active, working in collaboration with her teachers, pupils, parents and the community.


Child reaching out to the globe - represents the quest for knowledge and the passion to touch the world with love, care and concern.

School Song

Here in Hougang Primary. We work and play together.

With perserverance and joy. In our hearts we will treasure.



River of life. Flowing in our hearts.

River of life. With a passion to learn.

Have a vision to share. We make our mission to care.


Here in Hougang Primary. We excel with character.

To bring her honour and glory. And champion her cause with valour.