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Principal's Message

Dear parents and students,

Greetings and Happy New Year!  A warm welcome back to school!  To our P1 students, welcome to your new school and a new beginning.  We hope your 6 years of learning experience in our school will be an exciting one!

Our school has had once again another year of success and excitement!  On 4 Nov, we welcome the delivery of the school’s very first robot.  The robot, designed and built at Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s laboratory, was the product of a collaboration between our school and the polytechnic.  A few of our teachers and some students were at the polytechnic often to observe the building of the robot.  Our teachers are now learning the skills to programme the robot for the tasks that we have planned.  This training will level up the skill sets of our teachers as our school looks at other ways to leverage the robot to increase productivity.

The delivery of the robot created a lot of buzz in both the students and teachers.  Everyone wanted to touch and interact with it.  However, a robot is just a machine, and the human’s capability to programme it is what will make the robot useful.  In Hougang Primary, we want to bring the future into the school, as we know that robots work alongside humans in many work places now and definitely more so in the future.  When you go to the airport, you see robots doing the work of the cleaners.  Robots also return trays at hawker centres.  The future requires us to be comfortable working with robots and our school aims to prepare our teachers and students to be adaptive and ready for the future.  We will share more regarding our plans for the robot in the course of the year. 

Besides acquiring a robot, 2020 is a very special year for Hougang Primary School for another reason.  This year we celebrate our school’s 20th anniversary.  We have chosen ‘HGP Cares’ to be our anniversary theme.  This theme encapsulates the ongoing work on caring for the environment that HGP undertook since the school started in the year 2000.  We believe the ‘care’ aspect has also broadened, over the years, to include being kind and gracious to others, embracing diverse learners, accepting differences and showing empathy for the elderly.  The programmes that we have planned will have the anniversary theme woven into the activities to make the celebration more meaningful.  

Whilst we are excited with the anniversary celebration, we are ever mindful that character development is the cornerstone of a child’s educational experience in Hougang Primary School.  Our efforts in imbuing values in our students is not a destination in itself but an endless and worthwhile journey.  We take heart in seeing many of our students improving their behaviour by receiving the STAR Award certificates and have their photographs and citations of their good behaviour displayed at the school foyer.  To augment our efforts in character development, the school has institutionalised a new award, called HGP Character Award, which rewards an exemplary student of good character from each class.  This award is to be given out during the Prize-Giving Day, which will be re-named ‘HGP Celebrates!’ in 2020 in order to include the awards for students in other aspects besides academic.    

We seek your support in the new directions that we are embarking on as the school makes changes to align itself to MOE’s new directions.  In doing so, the school continuously strives to have a close partnership with parents because together, there is so much more we can achieve for our children. 

Warm Regards

Mdm Rashidah Abdul Rasip (Principal)