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Principal's Message

Dear parents and students,

Greetings and Happy New Year!  To our students, a warm welcome back to school.  And to our new P1 students, we wish you many enjoyable experiences in Hougang Primary School.

2017 had been another exciting year!  Our school had organised fun and engaging enrichment programmes to enhance students’ 21st century competencies such as critical and inventive thinking skills.  The speech and drama lessons organised for the lower primary students equipped them with good presentation skills, thereby increasing their confidence in public speaking.  The coding lessons attended by the P1 and P2 students allowed them to be creative as they created interesting figures using straws, which are called Strawbees.  Pictures of the students proudly holding their Strawbees are featured on the front cover of this year’s handbook. 

In 2018, our school will be implementing coding lessons for P3 and P4 for the first time.  The school has already implemented these lessons for the other four levels over the past two years.  Therefore with effect from 2018, the school would have already implemented its 3-year plan to equip students with the rudimentary skills of coding, beginning with an awareness programme, creating Strawbees at P1 and P2, progressing to the application  of the Scratch software to problem-solve and tinkering with robots at P5 and P6.  Students who display talent in coding can apply to join the InfoComm Club CCA to further hone their skills.  These students will also get a chance to represent the school in coding, game and robotics competitions.  They can further pursue their interest in this area in secondary school and beyond.

On another note, the school will be stepping up its measures to educate students to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Whilst the canteen food is closely monitored to follow health guidelines, the canteen itself has been redecorated with posters containing messages to encourage students to eat healthily.  An example will be to remind students to drink eight glasses of water daily.  Hence, I would like to urge all parents to partner the school to encourage our students to be aware of and appreciate healthy living.  At the same time, parents can model this behaviour at home and whenever they go out with their children.  This change is difficult but not impossible.  It can begin with the first step of reminding our children to choose water over sweetened drinks when they have their meals.  Children need not be rewarded with fast food meals for good behaviour or good results, rather, they can be presented with a story book or taken on a learning journey to the zoo or Science Centre.

Let us look forward to another fruitful year in 2018 as the school and parents partner each other closely to bring out the best in our children.

Warm Regards

Mdm Rashidah Abdul Rasip