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HGP Student Alumni

Want to join us as an Alumni member?

Just follow these simple steps

Step 1:

Private message Siddha via Instagram @1704_si.dd.ha_


Step 2:

Provide the following details;

(a)   Full name

(b)   Graduation year

(c)    Email address

(d)   Contact number

Note: Please specify if you are using your parents’ email or your parents contact number(s).


Step 3:

Relax and the Alumni EXCO team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Introducing 2018/2019 Hougang Primary School Alumni EXCO members


Sharva Siddha Shanker, 2016

Vice President

Ong Pan Xuan Denise, 2016


Leow Jing Ying, 2017

Creative Director

Koh Jia En Cheryn, 2017

Assistant Creative Director

Teo Zhi Tien, 2017, Muthukumar Kriti, 2018 and Tan Yi Xin, 2018

Logistics Manager

Teena Mahavir, 2016

Assistant Logistics Manager

             Akmal Danial Rashiddin Bin Abdul Latif, 2017 and Ahsta Siddthi Shanker, 2018 

Alumni 2.jpg