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ALP (Applied Learning Programme)

Our Vision

A Scientist in Every HGPian.

Our Mission

To provide every HGPian the opportunity to explore, experience and experiment

Outcomes of our ALP

• To deepen students’ understanding of science concepts, foster application and cultivate an appreciation of the role of science in life.

• To cultivate in students’ the habits of mind of a scientist such as curiosity, healthy skepticism, openness to new ideas, creativity, intellectual honesty, and ethical responsibility.


We deliver a comprehensive programme designed to provide every HGPian a multi-sensory and varied experience of Science beyond the classroom. The purpose is to reach out to every child so that all can get a sense of the world; igniting in every child a curiosity as well as an excitement about the world at large.

The principles of social constructivism, experiential learning and inquiry-based learning undergirds the school’s ALP STEM (Science).


In 2014, the school’s science programme was awarded MOE’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP), allowing the school to run activities for all P1 to P6 HGPians. Some of these activities are an extension of the school’s science curriculum, while there are those which are interdisciplinary and lastly, those that are conducted as part of enrichment. All of which is intended to provide meaningful and authentic contexts where scientific knowledge and skills can be applied and where values and attitudes as well as 21st century competencies can be demonstrated and strengthened.

Showcase of Activities