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Total Curriculum

HGP Teaching and Learning Framework

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Hougang’s teaching and learning framework is the school’s definition of effective instruction grounded in sound values, which will lead to every HGPian becoming a 21st Century independent learner.


School Values

The school values (Care, Resilience, Integrity & Responsibility) lie at the heart of our teaching and learning framework. They anchor our goal towards developing our students to become 21st Century independent learners.



Middle Ring

The middle ring is divided into 2 domains : Curriculum and Co-Curriculum.




English Language

Mother Tongue Languages







Student Leadership Development

Service to Community

Character and Citizenship Education


Outdoor Adventure Education


At HGP, we empahsize the holistic development of our students. Through the school’s innovative curriculum and co-curriclum, HGP provides learning experiences that will nurture our students in the cognitive, physical, aesthetics, social-emotional and moral domains.


Our Teaching and Learning Framework draws on the PETALS dimensions (Pedagogy, Experience of Learning, Tone of Environment, Assessment and Learning Content) to guide teachers plan and design lessons that will engage our students in their learning. We believe that when students are engaged, they will be motivated to enhance their mastery of any subject independently and will  also be willing to take on new challenges/risks.


Competencies and Skills

With Social and Emotional Competencies, Innovation and ICT skills together with knowledge acquired through curriculum and co-curriculum programmes, HGPians would become a 21st Century independent learner, which is closely aligned to MOE’s desired outcomes of education for every student :

A Confident Person

A Self-Directed Learner

An Active Contributor

A Concerned Citizen