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MT Languages


Our students are proficient in the Mother Tongue Language; have a love for their cultural heritage; and are rooted in moral values


To develop our students to be proficient and confident in their command of the Mother Tongue Language; to inculcate in them a love and passion for their own native culture; and to transmit and instil moral values in our young.

Through the delivery of the MOE and school based curriculum, as well as the provision of school-wide programmes, we hope that our students will be able to  

·                communicate confidently and effectively using the Mother Tongue Language

·                appreciate different cultures and exhibit sound values

·               use information and communication technology to learn MTL in a fun and purposeful manner


Key Departmental Programmes


·               Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Fortnight

·               Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES)

·               Inter-class Literary & Talent Competition

·               Enrichment Programmes on Speech & Drama

·               Reading Programme

·               Festive Celebrations

·               Learning Journeys

·               Overseas Immersion Programme

·               School based resouce package on oral and writing skills