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Is Discipline =Punishment?


How Do You React When Things Go Wrong?

Dear Parents,

During your child’s development years, you may from time to time encounter parenting challenges, from disobedience to temper tantrums. Some of these challenges may intensify over time, particularly when children reach their tweens (9 -12 years old) and teens. 

To support you in your journey towards building a confident and resilient child, and strengthening your parent-child relationship, Hougang Primary School’s Familymatters@school has been working with Family Support Division, Ministry of Social and Family Development, to offer two evidence based programmes - Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) and Signposts.

What is the Triple P?

The Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) is an evidence-based programme that equips parents with techniques to promote their children’s psychological, social and emotional competence. Triple P is built on a tiered system of five levels of intervention that differs depending on the type, intensity and frequency of parental support required.

Triple P can result in:

•           Greater parenting competence;

•           Lower parenting stress;

•           Improved emotional states; and

•           Reduced behavioural problems in children.


What is Signposts?

Signposts is an evidence-based parenting programme to help parents understand and manage their child’s difficult behaviour, and prevent further development of behavioural concerns.

Why is it effective?

Parents will be guided to design their own programme to suit the needs of their child and develop strategies to prevent and manage current difficult behaviour.

Studies show parents are more confident in managing their children and feel less stressed after attending the programme.

The programme helps families encourage appropriate behaviour and teach children new skills to deal with a wide range of behaviours.

How is it delivered?

Signposts is delivered in small group sessions consisting of 5 weekly sessions (2 –2.5 hours per session) to help and equip parents with tools to build effective ways to manage current difficult behaviours.


In addition, Familymatters@school also conducts parenting workshops to support parents in their parenting journey. Come join us!

The teacher in charge of Familymatters@school can be contacted at alison_leck_choo_jin@moe.edu.sg