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Mathematics be made enjoyable and applicable in life




Every child to be an active independent learner of Mathematics and problem solving





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PSLE Format

P6 Standard Mathematics 

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P6 Foundation Mathematics

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Notes for both Standard and Foundation Examinations

1. Both papers will be scheduled on the same day with a break between the two papers.

2. Paper 1 comprises two booklets. The use of calculators is not allowed.

3. Paper 2 comprises one booklet. The use of calculators is allowed.


Problem Solving

Knowing how to solve problems is an important skill and an essential part of our lives. We need to spend considerable effort and time on describing how problem solving should be taught and learned.


General Approach


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Understand the Problem

§  Read the problem carefully to understand what is required

§  Break the problem up into smaller parts and understand each part

§  Visualise the information

§  Organise the information

§  Connect the information

§  Draw/Write the information into simpler form


Plan What to do / Devise a Plan

§  Choose an appropriate heuristic / method to solve the problem


Do / Carry out the Plan

§  Use computational skills ( +, -, × and ÷ ), geometrical skills and logical reasoning to carry out plan


Check the Solution

§  Check the reasonableness of the solution and answer

§  Improve / Change method used

§  Seek alternative solutions

§  Extend method to other problems