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Team HGP Volleyball aims to promote the sport and personal excellence for each athlete and a lifelong love of the game in a caring, respectful and supportive environment. It also provides our athletes a culture that inspires, educates, and develops future leaders. Volleyball is a team sport that requires good communication between players, hand – eye coordination, agility, speed and flexibility. Under the introduction of a talent identification program, Primary 1 and 2 students are shortlisted by their PE teachers followed by a second round of selection by the volleyball coach. They will then train once a week. At Primary 3, they will undergo another set of selection by the coach to join the school team. In Team HGP Volleyball, we believe that everyone is important and therefore on top of the National School Games, students who are not selected for school teams will get to compete in the soft volleyball carnival. We also have intra-school HGP Volleyball Championships annually where students form teams and compete with each other. In addition to that, the school teams will be exposed to friendly matches against other schools to get more game experience in preparation for National School Games. For the Primary 5 students, they get to play with Secondary 1 volleyball teams from various schools. With that, they can improve their skills, learn from their seniors and also find out how Volleyball is like in secondary schools. Lastly, we have alumni who have graduated from HGP and they contribute by coming back and help coach our juniors too!



        ·         Mr Harold Seah

        ·         Miss Stella Goh

        ·         Mdm Zarina Sidik

        ·         Mdm Fervinna