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Malay Dance

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        The Malay Dance Club aims to provide opportunities for students to learn and appreciate the Malay culture and traditions through the different types of Malay traditional dances. The basic dance movements such as Inang, Zapin, Joget and Asli have been known to portray rhythm and grace of the dancers. Students will be able to explore the dynamics and styles in which the different genders move to. Valuable knowledge on the dance background (such as beats and rhythms) as well as performance techniques will also be acquired during the course of trainings and various performance opportunities. Platform for collaborative work during practices and performances will be provided to allow students to express themselves through stage performances and care for each other.


   ·         Ms Lim Hui Heng, Ivy

        ·         Mdm Nurhayati Rosli

        ·         Mdm Sabariah Kassim