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Every member in Team HGP Hockey CCA is a winner. Strong emphasis on sportsmanship and core values (Resilence, Integrity, Care and Responsibility) are the foundation of our future success. The CCA focuses on character building and aims to cultivate a sense of appreciation and love for Hockey, and sports in general, as they contribute towards a vibrant sporting culture in the school.  Every member is given an opportunity to display their enthusiasm and love for the sport through the training sessions, friendly matches and competitions.  Basic techniques, game concepts and tactics will be taught to help them learn the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes required.  


Over the years, HGP Hockey participated fervently in national competitions. Our training program is rigourous. With it, we want to bring out the best of all our members, not just in their academic performance, but also to remind them the importance of character building.  Grow as individuals, Work as a TEAM!




Mr Alan Aw

Mr Eythan Ng

Mr Quak Soon Meng

Ms Serene Chen

Mdm Hazeenah