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Football @ HGP is a co-curricular club aimed at providing a platform for students to pursue their interest in this very popular sport. The CCA provides a progressive learning programme similar to sports programmes around the world where young and aspiring players will undergo training led by our developmental coach, attaining the basic skills and fitness level required before moving to the competitive team where training frequency is increased and students are challenged to increase their skills competency and introduced to football tactics. Our competitive team players will have the opportunity to represent the school in competition, gaining valuable experience, which develops them in areas such as RESILIENCE, TEAMWORK and rising through adversity – accepting their weakness and improving on them through hard work.

The CCA is deeply rooted in our values and believes that all football players are measured not by the games they have won, goals they have scored, but instead by the attitude and the spirit they have shown on the pitch.

Together we shoot for the stars!

Teachers in charge:

Mr Wong Ming Hui

Mr Julian Ser

Mr Aliff Asraff