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Fun, Active and Supportive Team (F.A.S.T Club) aims to promote health and fitness among students to help them lead an active and healthy lifestyle. This CCA caters to students who are keen to learn and explore a multiplicity of sports instead of specialising in one specific sport. To enhance the Joy of Learning, the children are also introduced to other sports and games that are less common such as Tchoukball and Touch Rugby. They also have opportunities to represent the school in competitions and attend termly outings that expose them to activities outside PE curriculum. Students are imbued with all the four school values (Care, Integrity, Resilience and Responsibility) as they work in teams taking care of one another, playing fair and persevere in challenging times. As the saying goes, ‘Tough times do not last. Tough HGPians do!’


        ·         Ms Kelly Mak

        ·         Mdm Hamsiah

        ·         Mdm Zaleha