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Brass Band

The Brass Band CCA aims to develop the students’ interest in and appreciation of music. Having musical background is not a pre-requisite for joining the Brass Band. Students have opportunities to explore different musical instruments such as the cornet, horn, tuba, euphonium, trombone and percussion instruments. During practice sessions, they also learn basic handling and maintenance of instruments allocated to them.

 Brass Band members are given the platform to perform in a myriad of school and community events as well as the Singapore Youth Festival.  By exposing them to these events, we aim to develop in them leadership skills and important character values like teamwork, care, integrity, responsibility and resilience. These attributes will enable them to adapt to their constantly evolving environment with greater confidence.


        ·         Mdm Alison Leck

        ·         Mdm Shen Wen Wen

        ·         Mdm Lim Choi Hwee 

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