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Art Club

Misson:  To Inspire and Arouse Interest in Arts & Craft


Vision: Passionate young  artist with a heart for the community

The Art Club aims to inspire learning through arts and enhance passion for art.  
Students will have opportunities to 
experience various art forms and at the same time, discover their strengths and interests.  They will be working with mixed media such as clay, viable wires, plasters and canvases etc. which builds on the students’ problem-solving skills, fine motor skills and social skills as they work with the diverse artistic media.

They will also have the opportunity to participate in national competitions and exhibit their works in the school or in public buildings like the Seng Kang General Hospital.  This provides an avenue for the students to display social awareness and contribute to the society.

Motto: Aspire, Realisation & Teamwork.


        ·         Mdm Pauline Goh

        ·         Mr Juhaizan

        ·         Mdm Susan Ong

        ·         Mr Xavier Ang

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