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Subject Head Aesthetics

Mdm Sabariah Kassim

Visual Art

Performing Art

 Art Senior Teacher/ Art Coordinator

Mdm Pauline Goh

 Music Coordinator/ Music Teacher

Ms Lim Hui Heng, Ivy


Art Teachers

Mdm Pauline Goh

Mr Juhaizan

Mr Xavier Ang Jing Xuan

Music Teachers

Ms Lim Hui Heng, Ivy

Mr Kevin Tan

Ms Tay Kim Ling


 Our AMIS Programmes


Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Primary 1



Primary 2



Primary 3



Primary 4


Digital Music Mixing

Primary 5

Aluminium Tooling


Primary 6

Digital Manga Art & Street Art Mural

Hip Hop

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Our PAL Programmes:

Primary 1 and Primary 2 Visual Art

Primary 1 Dance and Primary 2 Drama


Our Talent Development (for selected students)

Primary 1 and Primary 2 Talent Pool


Our Showcase or Exhibition

HGP Got Talent during Term 3 Assembly programme

Art Exhibition around the school and Sengkang General Hospital

Showcase of selected AMIS Programme at the school foyer, Primary 6 Graduation Day and Sengkang General Hospital.