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HGPS Managed Print System

National Innovation and Quality Circle (NIQC) – Gold Award 2018

In the spirit of seeking the most effective way to harness technology to boost work efficiency and security, Hougang Primary School has attained the NIQC Gold Award in 2018 with its innovative printing solution.


An effective printing system supports an effective learning environment


In line with MOE’s ICT Masterplan 4, the school has adopted a printing and scanning system that is future-ready, scalable, and reliable. We had harnessed the power of Internet of Things (IoT) into our school printing process. This enhances efficiency and security tremendously by fostering a culture of collaboration and self-directed ownership among support staff and teachers. 

This system is tailored according to a consolidated analysis of our school needs in supporting an effective learning environment. The system allows secured pull-printing, quota management and monitoring of prints and has an effective maintenance system. By partnering a print provider, which is an expert in print environment optimisation and management, it frees our staff from administering and managing the operations and enable us to focus on process improvement and teaching