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Augmented Reality @ Hougang Primary


In line with our school's vision 'Future Ready Thinkers with a Heart for Others', AR@H is an app that has been customised to specifically meet the learning outcomes of Outdoor Education (OE) in the PE Syllabus (2014). It is unique to HGP and is not available in the market.

AR@H is an app that is created to deepen students’ joy of learning through technology in line with the Smart Nation initiative. The knowledge, skills and values that are learnt in the PE Syllabus are being applied through this app.

AR@H, pronounced ARAH in Malay, means direction, and this is what the app is essentially about, finding direction or orienteering. 

Hougang Primary also aspires to be the leading primary school to provide the direction for Outdoor Education in Singapore.

HGP believes in nurturing the joy of learning so that every child can discover his interests, grow his passions, and love what he is doing. Children are more IT-savvy nowadays and HGP sees this opportunity to leverage on technology for children to acquire knowledge and skills, where learning is fun and with the necessary rigour.