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Our vision

A Scientist in Every HGPian.


Our mission

To give every HGPian the opportunity to experience, explore and experiment.



The aim of our science programme

In Hougang Primary School (HGP), the Science Department strives to instil in every student a passion for Science through the acquisition of science knowledge, processes and attitudes which is alignment with the 2014 primary science syllabus.


Our programme

We have developed a programme to provide every HGPian during his six years of primary education with a multi-sensory and varied experience of Science. The purpose is to reach out to every child so that all can get a sense of the world; igniting in every child a curiosity as well as an excitement about the world at large.

Our science programme is based on the fundamentals of social constructivism, experiential learning and inquiry-based learning.


 Theoretical Framework of Hougang Primary School’s ALP (Science)


In 2014, the school’s science programme was awarded additional funding under MOE’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP), allowing the Science department to run activities that can be broadly categorised into school-based, interdisciplinary in nature and lastly, external-based, catering to all P1 to P6 HGPians, extending well beyond the PSLE.