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Physical and Outdoor Adventure Education Department

Physical and Outdoor Adventure Education Department

@ Hougang Primary School



Vision: Excellence in Physical and Outdoor Adventure Education

Mission: Every Child to be Equipped with Knowledge and Skills in PE and OAE, Exhibit Values and Develop Character and Inculcate a Love for a Healthy Lifestyle

Philosophy: Championing Health, Outdoor and Physical Education (CHOPE)




Strategic Thrust 1 : Staff Capacity Building and Well-Being

      Competent Staff


Formal/informal capacity building through Open Classrooms, Timetabled Time, Professional Learning Community, Learning Journeys







      Engaged Staff

Sports and Fitness Workshops (min once a term)

Weekly sports and games sessions







Strategic Thrust 2 : Holistic Development of Students

  • Physical

Level programmes for all students to provide opportunities to develop capacity to persevere and become more courageous (Resilience)

  • Social/Moral

Inculcate a sense of responsibility, care for others, tolerance and understanding

Teambuilding and Leadership platforms

  • Character Education

Explicit teaching of values followed by facilitation and deep reflection

  • OAE Module in PE Lessons

– Basic First Aid

– Problem Solving

– Food Preparation

– Shelter Building

– Orienteering

– Bouldering /  Sport Climbing / Belay School






Strategic Thrust 3 : Partnership and Collaboration

  • Parents and Alumnis

Helping out in events and programmes as station masters/chaperones

  • Educational Institutions and Industries

Republic Polytechnic Internship Programme, Singapore Mountaineering Federation (NPSSCC), Outram Secondary School. SportSG (Swimsafer Programme)

  • National Primary Schools Sport Climbing Championships

Initiated, conceptualised and organised this Sport Climbing championships which is run at the national level since 2012. This event is officially supported by the Singapore Mountaineering Federation, the National Sport Association for Sport Climbing. Increasing trend of participation with up to 33 schools and 214 competitors participating.







Background of Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

The school conducts the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) for all P1 and P2 students in line with MOE’s direction to provide a more well-rounded education. 


In 2009, the Ministry of Education accepted the recommendations of the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee, to enhance the quality of education in our primary schools.


       To enhance primary education

      To realise a more holistic primary education

      To equip students with skills and values to thrive in a fast-changing and globalised future


View PAL Introductory by MOE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsQhlDtxiLs


Characteristics of PAL

      Experiential in nature

      Encompasses learning in a creative way

      Provides opportunities for children to create

      Incorporates values education and social emotional learning

      Fun and enjoyable 


How PAL Objectives are achieved through HGP PAL Journey


HGP PAL Journey Framework works like a jigsaw puzzle and each piece is essential to bring out the intended objectives of HGP PAL Journey.

In the centre piece, we have the P1 and P2 students as our main focus for PAL. In HGP, we belief in the school’s motto that all HGPians will Excel with Character and this believe is guided by our school values of Care, Integrity, Resilience and Responsibility. Values remain essential to shape the student’s beliefs, attitudes and actions in whatever type of world the child finds himself/herself in the future.

These values are imbued through the broad exposure & experiences from fun and varied activities in the 4 PAL Domains which includes Sports & Games (SG), Performing Arts (PA), Outdoor Education (OE) and Visual Arts (VA).

One of the main features of PAL that sets it apart from our regular PE, Art and Music lessons is the emphasis on inculcating values and developing social and emotional competencies. 5 Social Emotional (SE) competency domains have an entire compendium of skills namely the Self-Awareness, Self-management, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision-making and Relationship Management. These skills will help our children to better understand themselves. They also build our children’s emotional literacy in that they are able to express clearly how they feel.

View video on Outcomes of SEL Competencies by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning): http://www.casel.org/videos/ 

PAL Journey at HGP offers students opportunities to develop and strengthen their social and emotional competencies. These competencies will enable them to manage their emotions and socialize effectively in their daily interactions with their peers.  PAL Journey therefore is the first step towards the school‘s vision of providing a holistic and well-rounded education for its students.

As part of ongoing efforts to engage parents, PAL activities and photographs/video recordings of the children in action during PAL lessons are uploaded in our school PAL Journey@HGP Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PALHGP/?fref=ts for viewing.

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POD@HGP (PE/OAE Department) is on Facebook!


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