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Invitation for EFSS ARTasFEST (25 Aug, 6pm - 9pm)

ARTasFEST - Publicity Poster.png

    In line with EFSS ALP in Growing Entrepreneurial Mindset (G.E.M.), EFSS has been organising a 'Family Carnival' once every two years as a platform for students to apply their learnings from ALP, and for the school, parents and the community to bond. Starting this year, the event (named "ARTasFEST") is student-run and is facilitated by EFSS teachers.  With ‘Breaking Trends, Breaking Moulds’ as EFSS theme, innovative food and products will be sold at ARTasFEST.  
    Experiences will also be ‘sold’ innovatively, with  Edgefielders setting up stalls to teach children what they learn in school programmes.

    Students interested in experiencing EFSS ARTasFEST may purchase EFSS commemorative Nets Flashpay Card from EFSS General Office on the day itself.  These cards are priced at $10 each with $6 stored value or $4 each with zero stored value.