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P1 Registration

2020 Primary One (P1) Registration Exercise

For more information on 2020 Primary One Registration Exercise, parents can refer to Ministry of Education website.

Please click here for the infographic.

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Children who are non-Singapore Citizen (non-SC) / non-Singapore Permanent (non-PR) can only register under Phase 3 of the 2020 P1 Registration Exercise. Non-SC / non-PR children are required to first submit an online indication of interest form  between 2 Jun 2020 (Tuesday), 9.00am and 8 Jun 2020 (Monday), 4.30pm. Only non-SC / non-PR children who have indicated their interest in June 2020 and are informed by MOE in October 2020 that they can be offered a P1 place, will be able to register in Phase 3. Parents of non-SC / non-PR children may visit the P1 website for more information on Phase 3 registration.

How balloting works

Balloting is conducted when the number of registrants exceeds the school vacancies, which can happen in any phase from 2A(1) to 2C Supplementary.Computerised balloting will be conducted centrally by MOE. All registrants who are required to ballot are assured of an equal chance for admission into the school.Priority admission to a P1 place in a school will be given to children in this order:

1.         Singapore Citizens (SC) living within 1km of the school.

2.         SC living between 1km and 2km of the school.

3.         SC living outside 2km of the school.

4.         Permanent Residents (PRs) living within 1km of the school.

5.         PRs living between 1km and 2km of the school.

6.         PR living outside 2km of the school.