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A Proficient Learner


Objectives of the English Curriculum


At the end of the Primary School Education every child should be able to:
  • speak, write and make presentations to suit purpose, audience, context and culture.
  • listen to, read and view a range of texts.
  • think through, interpret and evaluate a range of texts.
  • interact effectively with people.



P1 to P6 EL Curriculum  


The school has implemented the MOE initiated STELLAR Programme (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) for the P1 to the P6 levels together with other components of the school-based curriculum. STELLAR, is a language teaching programme that is designed to help our pupils acquire English language skills through activities in listening, speaking, reading, writing and visual literacy. The aim of the STELLAR Programme is to strengthen pupils’ English Language and reading skills through the use of developmentally appropriate strategies such as the Shared Book Approach (SBA), Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA), Learning Centres, Sustained Silent Reading and Supported Reading. Apart from the STELLAR Programme, the school-based curriculum includes the use of our writing and spelling packages.



 Useful English Websites

BrainPOP Grammar (Flash video lessons)
English Page.com (Lessons and Exercises)
Better-English.com (100 exercises)
EnglishLearner.com (60 exercises)
Grammar and Writing



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